As we Bow Out of 2015…

Here at The Shippey Campaign, we would like to thank everyone who have supported us throughout our campaign in 2015.

You see, we often hear the words “I didn’t do anything to help really” but you did…

Every individual signature on our petition helped, every like on our posts, facebook page and twitter feed helps.
Every share on social media, every comment made helps.
Every new friend we meet on our campaign journey helps, every hand shake and hug of gratitude helps…


Because it drives us forward in the most turbo powered manner you could imagine.

You see, each person who benefits from the success that our campaign has created, be it from us directly, or someone who heard of us and applied our concept, makes every tear, late night emails and mental determination worth it.


We will not stop until every person who has sensory difficulties is able to enjoy their favourite sport live, as standard!

So a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the drive to continue!


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