Tomorrow We’re On TV and Radio!

Ok, so, you might have noticed over the last 24 hours that something has been going on with our Shippey Campaign…

Well, you might want to tune in to BBC Breakfast between 6 and 9am, where you may see the delightful little face of our three little cherubs! One little face in particular (Nathan) is featuring mainly….

THEN, if you’re around a radio at approximately 10.00am… and tune into BBC radio 5 live…you will hear our dulcid  tones emanating from the speaker. We are on. LIVE.

So, after that I’m going into hibernation, I have challenged so many of my fears over the last 24 hours that I’m now exhausted!
I now have a little understanding of what our three gorgeous boys with autism feel on a daily basis. They’re amazing for tackling it day in day out…but for them, there’s no option. So proud of them!


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