As Soccerex Draws To A Close…For Us….

As we have to be at another event tomorrow, we needed to leave Soccerex today. It was difficult to part from such a wonderful event.

However, we hope we did you proud! We have networked our socks off over the last few days, explaining about our charity to anyone who would listen (having said that, we gave them no choice but to listen!).

We explained why sensory viewing facilities were needed and explained how we could help them. The response was wonderful. It’s awesome when you see the realisation of what we have created click!

We have made some fabulous contacts and some wonderful new friends, which we will remain in contact with. It was fantastic to catch up with old friends too!

During our time there, we posted some photos on social media of some of the people we met over the last couple of days, but our networking didn’t just stop there!

We have met with CEO’s of clubs, owners of clubs, members of FIFA, the FA, EFL, Premier League, we have spoken to football players and we have met with media personnel from Sky Sports, BBC, FC Business Magazine and Fans Experience. 

We have spoken at length and raised awareness of Autism and sensory difficulties.

We will keep in contact with these people and we hope massive inroads will gradually appear!


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