We were on BBC radio Tees!

Yesterday morning, we were on BBC Radio Tees!

After a visit to Middlesbrough FC on Wednesday we dashed to the studio to record an interview with John Foster!

Last time we spoke to John, it was a year ago and our campaign was starting to pick up a little bit of speed.

This time, we have made great progress…and here’s our update! Our section starts at 29:50 and keep hanging on, through the breaks and songs, because there’s also a bit more from us and words from Chris Waters, SLO at Sunderland AFC and Anna Kennedy OBE, a pioneer in so many aspects of autism support and awareness, including education and the creative arts.

It’s wonderful to be able to speak to the media about this. It raises awareness of our campaign, it raises awareness of autism and it shows that we are acting on making a difference to families affected by autism and other conditions with sensory difficulties.

Anyway, without further ado…here’s the link! We’re on from 29:50

Kate and Peter Shippey on BBC Radio Tees



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