A Great Season Ahead For Fans With Sensory Difficulties 

At Sunderland AFC, our first match of the season kicks off tomorrow evening, where we welcome Derby County, and again, we will be hosting more supporters in the Nathan Shippey Sensory Room! It’s always an exciting time to meet new families who benefit from the rooms that we are encouraging clubs to provide.

I am sure this season will also see very happy families in the rooms at Notts County, Watford FC, Airdrie FC, Middlesbrough FC and Rangers FC

However, the excitement is starting to build at The Shippey Campaign, as there are a further 5 clubs at various stages in their development, which means that this season a huge number of fans are going to access their stadium for the first time in the knowledge that they are going to be able to enjoy watching a match.

We can’t wait to share these clubs with you, but, as we’ve promised the clubs…not a word until they’re ready!

So, stay tuned….it could be your club next!!!


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