Awesome Arsenal Accepts Autism!

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that after working with Arsenal, they have come out tops and have created an amazing sensory viewing facility!

Having met Alun Francis at the CAFE conference in October 2015 and then meeting Luke Howard at the Beyond Sport Summit in October 2016, our explaination of the dire need for sensory viewing rooms in sporting stadia was cemented in the history of The Emirates Stadium!

It was with great honour, that we arrived in London, early on the morning of 25th September 2017, jumping in the classic black cab, we flew through the streets of London towards The Emirates Stadium, with eager anticipation. 

We had been told that the facility was to be amazing, and when we arrived, it certainly was!

The sensory facility gives the access of two viewing rooms with a wonderfully tranquil sensory haven which is central and accessible between the two viewing rooms.

The sensory room boasts a wealth of interactive equipment, including bubble tube, fiber optic ropes, infinity tunnel and an amazing interactive mat, all of which helps with any overstimulation which can occur at The Emirates!

After spending the morning with Luke, Alun and Dan – the fabulous staff at Arsenal, we were invited to attending their match against West Brom. After experiencing the outstanding atmosphere in the stands (and seeing the team win!) we visited the Sensory Room to see how the families were feeling in there.

The consensus was nothing short of fabulous! Everyone had a wonderful time and for that we are truly ecstatic.

Arsenal FC chose not to apply for the funding available…they did it because they saw and understood the need. They didn’t need financial help…just the support and guidance that we could offer…which they took and used.

They heard, they asked, they did.

Fantastic! Here’s the link for the article and some pictures: Arsenal Sensory Room


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