And There You Have It!

It’s been quite a day today, starting at 6.20am when we graced your TV screens in all our glory!…that’s when our gadgets laden with social media began singing! The ting of interactions on facebook and twitter rang merrily as we journeyed our way to BBC Newcastle (that’s another post…with pics!)
We had to halt our jolly conversations while we went on air for BBC Radio 5 Live, however, when we switched our gadgets back on- they sang extremely merrily again!

We want to thank you all for your wonderful support!  We’d like to thank Tom Purser from The National Autistic Society for supporting us too!
Sunderland AFC have been the most incredible club, listening to our concept initially and taking an interest in understanding Autism, before installing the room in the stadium. The first one in England.

Here’s the link to our feature!

Take a look at @BBCBreakfast’s Tweet:


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