The North East Autism Society and The Shippey Campaign Working Together.

We’ve had another wonderfully busy week this week! 

On Wednesday we were invited to visit the facilities at the North East Autism Society’s Center For Autism at Newton Aycliffe.

We received a wonderfully warm welcome on a very cold, rainy and blustery day from Lisa Taylor, the Senior Marketing and Promotions Officer and Lindsay Bruce, Staff Writer. 

We first discussed The Shippey Campaign and the North East Autism Society and how we can work together in promoting awareness of autism and help each other in our successful ventures.

First things first…We are thrilled to say that NEAS is on board with The Shippey Campaign and supports our concept wholeheartedly and we are partnering NEAS in their aim to encourage companies, in our case football clubs, to sign the Autism Alliance UK charter. The charter is asking those who sign into it, to make reasonable adjustments to their business/ complex/arena/stadium for those who have Autism.

Having discussed our internal link up, we toured the absolutely splendid facilities. 

Visiting the school itself was a lovely experience, the wide, minimalistic spaces made for a wonderfully calm environment. Each class area has a wide range of learning opportunities which are suitably adapted to each child. 

On to the college and what an amazing place! It is a fully working college- students provide services for the public! ‘Kustom Kreations’ made a huge impact on The Shippey Campaign. Not only does it allow students to develop life skills, but the provision allows the students to achieve skills in their desired areas such as mechanical and valet skills in a garage area, creating and selling woodwork, which I must say is outstanding! Floristry and IT are also on the programme list, not to mention the amazing hair salon which we had the pleasure of visiting!

On to the residential area, outstanding would be an understatement! The short breaks area gave the comfort of the home from home feel (but without the mess!) the rooms were beautifully decorated and equipped. We didn’t want to leave and go back out to the bad weather!

We are delighted to be working with the North East Autism Society and look forward to having many a productive meeting in the aim of raising autism awareness, providing needed facilities and encouraging as many football clubs to sign up to the Autism Alliance UK charter as possible!

Keep watching – we’re making progress!


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