Kate’s Latest Article On The Huffington Post!

….and guess what it’s about!

Happy Monday folks! And it seems Spring has eventually found its way to us in the UK! (needs an updated map maybe) I’ve been a busy bee recently, and I’m pleased to give you a media update. But instead of other journalists writing our story for us, it’s my turn again! (Along with my article in the Legion of Light)

So, as I said in the past, I’m also a contributor for Huffington Post, and as kind as I am, I decided to let our ‘mainstream’ media channels go forth afore me and publicise our campaign.

Well, I couldn’t hold it back much longer and BOOM…there it is!

So, if you would like a little read, from the authentic Huffington Post site, rather than me pasting it here, be my guest!

Here it is…happy reading!



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