Autism Awareness Week Begins

We’re a little late in the day to kick off our Autism Awareness Week,  but it was for a good reason!

We had the pleasure of welcoming two wonderful families into The Nathan Shippey Sensory Room at Sunderland AFC; Jenson brought his mam while his dad and sister also had tickets in the stadium, so it was a wonderful family day out for them! And Lewis brought his  auntie to test out the room.

We began the day with filming for a Brazilian sports TV channel! Having heard about our campaign, they wanted to report on this in their own country!

Spreading autism awareness is a big deal to us and we are doing it the way we do best. However, to be able to spread autism awareness to a different country is better than we ever imagined! The opportunity to explain what the Shippey Campaign does and why we need to do it in a country such as Brazil, where football is so passionately followed is a fantastic achievement for us.

We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this and remain overwhelmed with the support we get from you all! We frequently meet those of you who are following our campaign and we would like to thank you for every word of kindness, hug and positive encouragement- it’s what drives us on.

#autism awareness



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