News for Manchester City Fans!

img-20160429-wa0000.jpgThe Shippey Campaign has been in many meetings with various representatives of clubs throughout UK football recently, one of which was Manchester City.

On 15th February, we met at the Etihad, with three members of staff including Lisa Eaton, Supporter Liaison Officer.

We were very hopeful that such a magnificent stadium would be happy to provide the facilities that our campaign is aiming for! It is a real shame that currently so many supporters who struggle with sensory difficulties are unable to come to the Etihad to enjoy a live match, and seeing their heroes play!

The meeting was very well received, with a great deal of enthusiasm.

We discussed the reasons of why these facilities were needed in football stadia and offering a deeper understanding of sensory processing difficulties, including Autism, and the difficulties that come to those with the condition. Following this briefing, staff at Manchester City were very interested in how facilities could be provided at the Etihad.

We then discussed the specifics of the facilities and explained how the room worked and why the specific equipment was required.

Minds were reaching to the different parts of the stadium that could be possible locations for facilities such as The Nathan Shippey Sensory Room and various ideas were thrown into the ring as further options for use of possible facilities on non – match day were considered.

We left Manchester City’s Etihad stadium with great hope of progress in the provision of facilities at such a magnificent stadium.

We are remaining in contact with the appropriate staff and will let you all know of any developments as and when we get the nod!

Let’s hope for a short journey with a lasting destination!



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