Charity Status!

We are delighted to tell you that The Shippey Campaign is now a registered charity!

As our campaign has progressed so quickly, we decided to apply to the Charity Commission to officially register. We were thrilled to receive notification yesterday that our application was successful and the Charity Commission had made the decision to register The Shippey Campaign.

Why did we make this decision?

Our campaign has always been there to give advice and guidance on a voluntary basis, free of charge. Having three children on the Autism Spectrum, we fully understand how difficult it is as a family to enjoy the simple things in life such as going to a football match. We want to eradicate that and make life’s hobbies as easy as possible for people, old and young with sensory difficulties, to enjoy.

Our campaign has become known overseas now, after receiving enquiries from all over the world, not only the United Kingdom, but Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany and the USA! 

We have been asked for our advice in providing sensory viewing facilities, how to go about it, and shown potential rooms in stadia which could be made into something spectacular.

The Shippey Campaign has always been about providing the appropriate advice to the appropriate setting. 

It’s about providing a comfortable environment to enable people who struggle with the stadium environment enjoy watching live sport, as they should. 

It’s about breaking down barriers. 

It’s about educating and guiding. 

It’s about seeing the joy, excitement and the emotion on the faces of those who have used the facility.

It’s about raising awareness of sensory difficulties and making life better for those who struggle with them, and their families.

It’s about making a difference to thousands of people’s lives

So, The Shippey Campaign (no.1166989) will continue to grow, we will continue to make life better for those who contact us for help and we won’t stop until those who struggle with sensory difficulties can access stadia and enjoy sport!

We would like to thank all of you for your support! We have received many lovely emails and messages from you and we really appreciate them, each one shows us that there are so many people who are going to benefit from our campaign. 

Thanks again!


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