We’ve Been Shortlisted In The National Diversity Awards 2017!

Words escape us at the moment.

We began our evening email catch up, when the most amazing email caught our eye.

We clicked the tab and to our utmost surprise…

This is what we found out:

“Dear The Shippey Campaign,

Congratulations!!! You have made the shortlist for The National Diversity Awards 2017!!!

To be shortlisted from over 22,000 nominations and votes is a tremendous achievement and a testament to all of your hard work and dedication to the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda…”

Proud and humbled is the only way to describe how we feel and we want to say a huge thanks of gratitude for your support in what we’re doing and of course all of those wonderful votes that we read…frequently with tears in our eyes with the lovely words.

Although we have no idea who wrote those wonderful votes, (we were shown what was said, but not who wrote it) we really do thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and whatever happens on the night, we feel like we have won already!



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