London Visit

We’ve been busy bees’ at the Shippey Campaign!

This week saw us at another Premier League club, who have put in their application for funding! (No, sorry! Our lips are sealed until they give us the nod!)

We then attended a PL/BT Disability Coordinators Meeting at Here East, where we spoke about our campaign and gave an update on our progress.

The event also gave us the opportunity to tell anyone still in doubt exactly how important these rooms are, and why!

We are thrilled to say that we had fantastic feedback and interest from some amazing clubs (Premier League and lower League clubs too!)

Also, we had amazing news that another club that we visited is in the process of developing a room, and will be ready for the beginning of the season. We are blown away by the alterations and improvements they are set to make to their beautiful stadium.

It’s progressing fantastically, and it’s wonderful to see the positive reactions when people realise we are from The Shippey Campaign! We love a queue of people wanting to talk to us…it shows that we’re making a difference! 

So, here are some photos from the event!

Above, Jack Rutter talks to Abi Griffiths about captaining the Cerebral Palsy Football Team

Next up was Lauren Asquith from Derbyshire FA, Laura Davies from Special Olympics GB and Ray Ashley from the English Federation of Disability Sport

Above is Sarah Miller from UK Coaching, David Ruebain from Equality Challenge Unit, Jason Jaspal from Disability Rights UK and Andrew Thomas from Agios Foundation

Next on stage was Nicola Dean from the Ann Craft Trust

Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer at BT Sport spoke next

Then Jennie Williams and Emily Yates from Enhance the UK

And we were on the last panel of the morning. 

A fantastic event with an outstanding amount of information!


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