Liverpool FC Is Next!

Well, what a week!

We travelled to Scotland on Monday to start the sensory viewing room ball rolling at Celtic Park…and on Friday, we end the week with a sensory viewing room at Anfield!

We visited Liverpool FC in February 2016 where we were met with very enthusiastic staff…and this year we returned to perform a site report for the grant application that they had put in!

Again, staff were looking forward to developing a great facility and before anyone could blink Experia were on their way to providing the equipment!

Today, Liverpool FC have announced the opening of the room, and it’s with great pleasure that we can share it with you all now!

Liverpool are our 13th club to announce their sensory room… with many more still in the pipeline!…who will be next?

The Shippey Campaign, who innovated the idea/concept back in 2014 due to the difficulties we faced, give our time and advice free, and are proud to be changing the face of disability access in sporting stadia for those with sensory needs. We won’t stop until we have driven a domino effect throughout all sporting stadia, and consequently created a legacy for thousands of people nationwide and even worldwide to benefit from.


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