More and more coming on board!

As the festive season approaches, we like to take stock as to how over the past year our charity has progressed and how our idea/concept for Sensory Viewing Rooms in sporting stadia is gathering momentum.

After nearly 4 years of progression since we started, we are absolutely bowled over. We are creating a domino effect!

Not only have we had many parents contact us through social media to tell us about their wonderful experiences in the rooms that we have helped create, but we have had more and more clubs contact us for help!

There are a huge amount of clubs who have set the ball rolling, but unfortunately, as clubs ask for our discretion while their plans develop, we are unable to say any more on the individual clubs themselves! 

We can say there are clubs in all parts of the country interested… some called, ‘City’, some called ‘United’ and others that don’t have a second name! North, South, East and West…it’s all happening, we just can’t tell you exactly who yet,…what league…which country…or which sport! 😂

Over the past three months, Arsenal, Liverpool and Celtic, who we introduced to the concept, advised and continue to support, have all announced their Sensory Viewing Rooms. We can guarantee more clubs coming in the new year!

Along with that we are also overwhelmed at the amount of fans who want to help in their individual club to progress our concept! Although we oversee each and every club, no matter how near or far, it is great to hear the enthusiasm of fans who know it’s going to make an incredible difference to their families. Over the past 4 years we have written to them all, and already sown the seed!

As for the rooms created so far, the feedback that we’ve received is, as usual, fantastic! We hope you are all enjoying the experience and we know many of you are signing up for more visits!

We are still reachable over the festive period and will always be on hand to help and advise where needed!

Happy holidays folks!


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