England, Scotland, Qatar…Australia!

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you had a wonderful break and are ready to take life on again!

We certainly have done, we have already visited a club and an arena this year, both are ready to make their venue completely accessible to those with sensory difficulties.

We also have had the most wonderful email from Australia! We have been asked to support a department who are in the position to put our innovation in multiple stadia over there! We are absolutely delighted, and we have exchanged many emails with them, their enthusiasm is absolutely fabulous! We had so much dialogue with them over Christmas and New Year, that in itself shows the passion that they have to make this happen!

Good luck to you all in your new year ventures, we hope they’re going well and keep watching, there’s more news coming, both from on the other side of the planet!…..and from here in the North East!


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