Come On Clubs…Get Season Card Savvy!

So, we are well on our way in encouraging clubs to get sensory viewing rooms into their stadiums!

And the feedback that we have received is absolutely awesome! 

However, there are still some die hard fans with sensory difficulties missing out big time…how? We hear you ask?

Well, although some people may want to try their family member at a match using the sensory viewing rooms, and may enjoy a few visits a season to watch a match…there are some huge fans who would give anything to be able to attend every week and have season cards just like their pals who don’t have sensory difficulties, and unfortunately for those fans and their families that is not an option at the moment. They are unable to have that family matchday experience on a regular basis.

So clubs, stadia personnel, arenas…what are you waiting for? Imagine if you couldn’t get to the pub as often as you liked! You got stuck at the door because the pub was full and you couldn’t get that social time that you love so much and had to stay home! I think there would be many an unhappy face!

Now, these folks are as entitled to have a season card as any other supporter, be them ambulant, wheelchair users, young, old, male, female…

…COME ON! You know you can do it! Let’s shock society…who’s going to be first? Don’t let our families down!


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