How Are We Progressing?

We are often asked how our charity is progressing: how many clubs have facilities?; are there any currently in development?

Well, here is an update as to how we are getting on as of today!:

12 clubs/stadiums done so far. They include – Sunderland, Notts Co., Watford, Airdrie, Middlesbrough, Rangers, Khalifa Stadium in Qatar, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Liverpool and Arsenal.

At least 8 more clubs in the process of installing sensory facilities: These 8 clubs are located: 

1 in Scotland, 1 in the North West, 2 in London, 2 in the Midlands and 2 in the North East (one of which adding to what they already have)

We are asked by clubs still in the process of development not to reveal who they are until they are in the  position to launch, however, we have given the regions!


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