It’s Autistic Pride Day

Having three sons with Autism, we knew from day one that life would have its challenges for us as a family.

And it does.

Society is gradually becoming more and more aware of Autism and what it means, but we still have a massive lack in understanding.

When we talk about understanding, we talk about the child having a meltdown in the supermarket…and members of the public assuming bad parenting. We talk about adults needing more assistance when out and about alone, not being branded as ‘odd’. We talk about parents with sleep deprivation which has gone on for years and continuing, struggling to function.

But before you reach for the kid gloves, remember that we are used to our lifestyle…yes, it takes time, but you get into a way of life that works for you. What is obvious is the lack of understanding from the general public due to the hidden disability. Those people who cast an irritated glance in the direction of a highly stressed parent in a highly stressful situation.It’s something to work on.
We are, however, absolutely thrilled with the progress being made! 
We are so proud of our boys and how they deal with their daily challenges we are proud that they inspired us to create our charity and we are proud of what we are achieving in sports stadia around the world!
Not only that but we have also been invited to talk to a shopping centre about access for those with Autism!
So today, for Autistic Pride Day, a massive shout out and a big thumbs up to all you autism families out there…you are doing an awesome job!


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