The Shippey Campaign and Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™

A huge well done to France for winning the World Cup 2018 in Russia. What a tournament it was!

Now, we can all take stock for a while before the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™ begins.

However, the Khalifa International Stadium has been piloting something new…

A sensory room has been piloted at the launch of Khalifa International Stadium, the first stadium for the FIFA World Cup™ to open in Qatar!

How did it come about? 

We were speaking at a presentation in October 2016, when afterwards we were approached by three stadium architects from Qatar interested in our campaign and ideas. We spoke to them for some time, and at length about our concept, thus culminating in them having an excellent grasp of our innovation, why it was needed and were interested in everything we had to suggest!

Some time later, we received this wonderful email from Samatha Sifah, Head of Community Outreach

I work for the committee responsible for the delivery of stadiums, infrastructure and host country planning for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup™.
I heard you speak at the Beyond Sport event last year.
Inspired by the work that you are doing in the UK to raise awareness of cognitive disabilities in sport and the use of sensory rooms to aid participation, we partnered with a local education centre in Doha and piloted a sensory room at the launch of Khalifa International Stadium, the first stadium for the FIFA World Cup™ to open in Qatar.
I wanted to thank you and encourage you to keep on delivering the inspirational work that you are doing. I hope that soon enough sensory rooms are common place in football stadiums across the world.
Here is an article published on FIFA.COM about the sensory room.
Kind regards,


Samantha Sifah
Head of Community Outreach

We are absolutely delighted that this has been taken into consideration for the World Cup 2022! The Shippey Campaign is making a difference far and wide!


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