Season 2018/19 Is Almost Here!

We at The Shippey Campaign are excited for the new 2018/19 football season to begin, and thought it would be an appropriate time to give an update about our progress.

To date, twelve clubs/stadiums have installed our groundbreaking innovation of Sensory Viewing Rooms/Suites in sporting stadia through our campaign, which began in 2014 and which we do voluntarily, inspired by our sons. 

Over the course of the coming season we expect to see this total exceed twenty, due to the number of clubs/stadiums that we have either already advised, or are still currently helping. We’ve been in touch with every Premier League club over the past four years, so we should definitely see some more progress in this area, probably in both August and September!

It’s not just the Premier League however…

Through our campaign:

Clubs in Premier League, Championship and League One have either installed, or are developing rooms

Stadiums in England, Scotland, Wales, Qatar and Australia have either installed, or are developing rooms

And, there is also a Sensory Viewing Room in another sport, that is also in the process of development!

We want to see these rooms as a standard feature in all clubs and stadiums, and we feel that we are gradually getting to a point where we have created that domino effect, and all clubs will do it over time.
We’d like to say a massive well done to all those clubs/stadiums who have installed our idea/concept and made our society just that little bit better. It’s now more inclusive and fairer for so many more people. Every club/stadium that creates a facility is an achievement for The Shippey Campaign!

So watch this space…. it could be your club next…


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