More Than One Country…Now More Than One Sport!

We are so excited to share the news with you all that The Shippey Campaign has officially made our way into another sport now! 
It was an absolutely wonderful day yesterday, not only for us, but for the world of rugby!….Wasps, to be precise!

In January this year, we met with Justine Hewitt, Jordan Young and Neil Boon, a supporter who had the same determination as we do! We discussed the reasons for the need of Sensory Viewing Rooms in Sports Stadia and remained in regular contact, offering advice throughout the following months.

We were delighted that the club were not only keen to progress with our proposal, but had an amazing amount of passion and determination to MAKE it happen!

So, we are extremely proud to announce that yesterday, on the 16th September 2018, the Ricoh Arena, home of Wasps Rugby Club opened the first Sensory Viewing Room in Rugby!

It has been an absolute pleasure to support Wasps and everyone involved, through a wonderful development. We can guarantee that there will be huge demand and (potentially new!) very happy supporters.



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