Another Sport Shows Interest!

We have had a delightfully positive beginning to February here at The Shippey Campaign!

Our email inbox has brought yet more interest and requests for support from us. It fills us with so much joy to know that more people know that we are here to help, and more so that more sports and stadia are coming to us to ask for help in improving access in their sport and their stadium!

First came an email asking for assistance in horse racing! This is a fantastic step forward and would be hugely beneficial to those with sensory needs at a horse racing venue! We all know how exciting the atmosphere can be and the victorious celebrations can be heard far and wide when it’s a popular winner, so we absolutely support the request for a sensory viewing room and will do all we can to assist.

We have further interest from football clubs in Lancashire too! 

So, a great start, let’s keep it going!


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