Australia’s Awesome Accessibility Addition!

We told you about Australia some time ago

…and here it is!

We are absolutely delighted to say the least!

In December 2017, we were contacted by Jack Mulholland, Senior Project Officer – Changing Places at the Department of Health and Human Services, State Government in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Theres a huge interest in developing our innovation of sensory viewing rooms in Australia and he contacted us for advice and guidance on how to go about developing these rooms.

Of course we helped as much as we could from such a distance and remained in contact with Jack.

We are thrilled to share with you the wonderful news that two stadiums in Australia have gone ahead and developed the rooms! As you can see by the link we’ve shared, they are very successful and hugely enjoyed!

Here it is on Australian TV – channel 9 news reporting on St. Kilda Football Club

And a different article about the development at Geelong

At the start of this year, we expected to have 20 rooms completed, and, with Spurs having had a test event over the weekend and the two Australian clubs, this takes it to 19.

Plus, Aston Villa and West Ham are also in progress and our latest visit to Swansea, we are certainly on target! Not to mention the contact that we’ve had recently from the city of Sheffield and a new sport…horseracing!
Thousands of fans are already benefiting from Sensory Viewing Rooms each week and it is hugely exciting that an enormous amount of fans are due to benefit from more and more sensory viewing rooms world wide and spanning more sports and events!

Well done Jack and everyone involved in Australia – lets keep it going!


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