England vs Scotland at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light

It was a day to remember for The Shippey Campaign yesterday as Lee Anderson from Solve 360 Ltd and Stevie Burr from Airdrie and Celtic FC organised a rather spectacular charity international match which was played at the Stadium of Light yesterday. The match was to raise autism awareness and funds for two charities: The Shippey Campaign and Hope for Autism 

As the lads playing on the England side donned their boots and rather spectacular England strip, around 30 exceedingly smart suited and booted gentleman who had made their way from Scotland arrived.

The excitement was amazing, the atmosphere wonderfully friendly and everyone looking forward to a great day.

And so it was…

Our Scottish visitors, who were made up from clubs such as Airdrie, Celtic and Rangers provided lots of entertainment (in other words goals!) winning the game 6-0. 

After the medals were given and the trophy lifted, (unfortunately no photos from me…the school run beckoned!) it was a quick change and a visit to the two sensory viewing rooms at Sunderland AFC, which drew a huge amount of interest.

The day also drew interest from far and wide on social media including a like from Stefan Schwartz on Kate’s Instagram post!

A wonderful day all in all, but huge thanks must go to Lee and Stevie for pulling this together, for the extremely generous donations from those who played – over £300 was raised –  which was split between The Shippey Campaign and Hope for Autism, and for the generosity of Sunderland AFC, for giving the green light for this match to go ahead! And also to Tony Davison and Clair Cogdon.

We hugely appreciate you all!


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