MBE’s In The Queens Birthday Honours!

To all of our supporters

We are incredibly proud, humbled and thankful to share the news that we have been appointed as Members of the British Empire in the Queens Birthday Honours today!

Looking at our boys, seeing what they need in life and knowing that there a thousands of other families exactly like ours, who are restricted really has driven us forward in our campaign. Our boys have opened our eyes to how life should be, showing how helping others gives far more pleasure than a ‘no can do’ attitude and this is what we have striven for over our five years.
Our MBE’s are for our boys and each family who have taught us what is needed for them to enjoy a sport that so many people enjoy without worry.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who have supported our charity and campaign. 

Much love,

Kate Shippey MBE and Peter Shippey MBE


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